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Zedboard TANGO Control System Gateway

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Zedboard TANGO Control System Gateway

accessing ZedBoard PL from TANGO distributed control system

youtube video

paper here :

Download a ready to launch TangoBox (64 bit OS / VirtualBox required, 1.4GB)
flash zedboard qspi memory with BOOT.bin

see for more info on TANGO Control system and where it was designed and used since 1996.

Tango is a free, open source, distributed, scalable, efficient SCADA framework : a set of tools and API to monitor industrial appliance of any kinds...
Tango control system was elaborated at the ESRF, a large synchrotron radiation facility in Grenoble, France. The ESRF is a large research laboratory (1500 engineers, researchers, ), a kind of giant microscope to explore organic molecules or others and that uses X rays of high energy (6 GeV) issued from an 850 meters circumference accelerator in more than 40 beams lines operating simultaneously. see for info.

Tango Control System is a 100 man/years middleware, which aims at the monitoring 24/7 of more than 200 000 sensors & actuators in the facility. It features among other usage : logging, events driven communication, seamless integration to NI Labview, Matlab, Igor scientific toolboxes or OPC-UA plc, EPICS bus, ...

The SKA Telescope (square kilometre array telescope in southAfrica/Australia) will use TANGO. (
But Tango can also fit in a raspberry pi or in a zynq SoC ! But it is a serious game...

we enroll in XUP OpenHardware 2015 Contest with this proof of concept.
thank you for reading

RE: Zedboard TANGO Control System Gateway

Hi raph38130,

Thanks for sharing your ZedBoard project with the community. I read through the paper you linked to and I can see how that is a rather powerful framework for controlling an industrial system.

Best of luck to you and your team on OpenHardware 2015 Contest!