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ZedBoard Unwanted Reset in a Noisy Environment

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ZedBoard Unwanted Reset in a Noisy Environment

I am using the ZedBoard to control a power electronic converter that generates a considerable amount of EMI which can be obviously seen at the ZedBoard pins. I think this EMI resets the ZedBoard, and as I run the converter, the Zedboard blue LED turns off. So is there any way to prevent the Zedboard from unwanted reset?

RE: ZedBoard Unwanted Reset in a Noisy Environment

Hi masih68kh,

I don't think there is one single good answer for this as protecting circuits from transient effects has many different approaches and ZedBoard was designed with cost of production in mind in order to make it an affordable evaluation and debug platform.

This guide from NXP offers a lot of useful advice for protecting embedded computing circuits from transient effects:

I have had a lot of luck with implementing the circuit shown in Figure 30 on page 28 in my designs. That small value capacitor acts as a shunt for high-frequency transient energy so that it does not build up on the reset pins of the device you are trying to protect. I would suggest looking to see if you can protect PS-RST and PROG signals. Another technique that you might look at is putting the ZedBoard into a metal enclosure and providing some strong grounding to minimize the EMI energy reaching ZedBoard circuits.

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