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Zedboard Virtual Box

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Zedboard Virtual Box

I am very new to using zedboard and vivado but I decided to mess with them for a class project. I am running them on windows 7 on virtual box. I am running into this problem with teraterm where all of the commands I type will work but for some reason it prints out gibberish so I cannot tell what I actually typing and what is happening in general. I have been messing with it for weeks and have not been able to get anywhere. I have also tried going through several tutorials but once I try to program the FPGA in SDK but get the message: "could not find fpga device on the board for connection 'local' zedboard".

What do you have the baud

What do you have the baud rate set to? You need to make sure it matches between your ZedBoard design and your PC.

Another user reported the following relative to using a Digilent JTAG cable, which the circuit on ZedBoard matches:

After a LONG cycle of Googling <-> head banging <-> giving up trying to get the Digilent JTAG drivers for the SMT2 or HS3 JTAG modules to work in my Ubuntu v16.04 VM, stumbled across the incredibly easy fix today.  It turns out it as easy as changing the USB Host Controller in VirtualBox from the default USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller to the USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller.  I found it described here: