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Zedboard vs Zybo

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Zedboard vs Zybo

I am new to Xilinx's Zynq, and I don't have years experience in FPGA. Although this is a Zedboard forum, I would like to know what I cannot do if I purchase a Zybo board instead of a Zedboard.

main difference is there is

main difference is there is no fmc connector on the zybo,
except that they are pretty much the same board (same codecs, vga..)

Also HDMI Interface

Hi FrankWL,
In addition to the FMC connector difference, Zybo utilizes TMDS signaling to handle HDMI native through the Zynq I/Os. This has the benefit of supporting either HDMI input or output mode. However, the I/O signaling at that voltage level supports up to 720P resolutions. If you need to output 1080P resolution, the Analog Devices ADV7511 on the ZedBoard is recommended.