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ZedBoard XML Updated

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ZedBoard XML Updated

Be aware that an updated XML board definition file was posted today in the Documentation area.  The filename has changed (zedboard_RevC_v2.xml) and you'll see the datecode reflects August 28th.  This latest version fixes an issue with the DDR3 speedgrade that was in the v1 XML.  The v1 XML called out the -125 speed DDR3.  All ZedBoards to date have been built with -15E:D speed, so the v2 XML now accurately has this.
If you have already created a design, you can fix it without importing a new XML by going to the PS Configuration Memory GUI and selecting the MT41J128M16 HA-15E:D rather than the -125.

How do I use this file?


How do I use this file? Is there any specific place where I can place it so it appears in the PlanAhead supported Boards list?

RE: How do I use this file?

Hi lordloh,

You can use this file to import these PS configuration settings into XPS. If you do not know how to do this, it is covered in Section 2.1 of the ZedBoard Concepts, Tools, and Techniques V14.1 Document. Specifically, the tool areas where this file is used are shown on page 15 of that CTT document.

If you are using Xilinx tools V14.3 or later, the ZedBoard selection under the supported Boards list in PlanAhead is already available and uses the PS configuration settings from this same XML file.