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Zynq 7000 Series Unit Prices

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Zynq 7000 Series Unit Prices

I'm considering Zedboard as the development platform for an Embedded System.

I would like to consider, when would the Zynq 7000 SoCs be available for purchase. Also, please let me know, where can I get the details about the pricing.

The 7Z020 ES devices are

The 7Z020 ES devices are available now.  Production is scheduled for 1st half 2013.  For pricing, please contact your local Avnet office.  They can get you a quote for your project and much more specific data on availability.

Thanks Bryan. I assume that I

Thanks Bryan. I assume that I shall be able to purchase this chip in any custom quantity, even in tens.

I had online, that Zynq chips are made to order and you can only get the development boards, if you need them in small quantity, so was concerned.

Zynq chips are currently

Zynq chips are currently shipping as ES grade only, that is as Engineering Samples that are not qualified for real production. ES grade Zynq chips are available in small qty from digikey, last time i check they had like 20 pieces in stock.

As of getting production silicon price for Zynq, ASFAIK this is not possible at current, not from Avnet not from any Xilinx distributor.

Production silicon is expected only sometimes in H1 2013, right now its not known when exactly the production silicon comes, nor is there any real valid price info available.

There could be some forecast maybe, but I do not think you can ask for low volume zynq production silicon price and get a price today.

There are some companies offering Zynq based products with full product prices ranging from 99 USD to 118 EUR, this could be taken as an indicator what those expect the Zynq prices to be.

Parallella promises a ZYNQ based computer for the price of 99 USD.

And they promise to deliver it May 2013 !

Well its only 6 months to wait and see if they get the silicon or not.



digikey!? - *shutter* ... don't buy production parts from Digikey, please. They will take you for a serious ride on price. Talk to a real distributor like Avnet and get a quote.

As for when Zynq GS (General Silicon) will be available you should get in contact with your local Xilinx Rep, or your local Avnet office and they can quote you a price. Pricing is available today and silicon should be available in Q1 of 2013 like you stated.

Pricing Available

In low quantities (25 to 100 chips) I'm getting pricing for the lowest speed XC7Z010 in the $75 range. The XC7Z020 is about double, just under $150.

This is quite far from "a starting price point below $15" quoted initially:

Pricing can be lower in quantity

I've heard from Avnet that for the highest quantity, the starting price for Zynq XC7Z010 can indeed reach under $20 today.

And the prices are dropping over time as well.