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zynq baremetal ethernet design

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zynq baremetal ethernet design

so I'm using Xilinx zc706 zynq board, which similar to zed but with 7045 part. I'm looking for a baremetal Ethernet reference design, then add my own DMA stuff to yet. or the only way to get Ethernet work properly with a host pc is doing the petalinux?? any link on guide/reference design? thanks

RE: zynq baremetal ethernet design

Hi s002wjh,

The ZC706 board is supported by Xilinx and is not covered by the reference designs or tutorials on this community site.

You might be able to use the SDK example lwIP application for what you are looking to do with that board. You can also try looking on the Xilinx site for further reference designs and documentation or try posting to the Xilinx community forums. If you do post to the Xilinx forums, please respond to this thread here with a link so that others can follow it to your thread on that site also.



well I also has a mircozed,

well I also has a mircozed, is there guide on how do I get the Ethernet working on PS

A quick search of this site,

A quick search of this site, or a google search will turn up several results.
The easiest place to start is probably to implement the LWIP Echo Server application template included with the SDK and use that as a starting point. 
You could also take a look at the example driver code included in the SDK by clicking on "Import Examples" next to the ps7_ethernet_0" device in the system.mss file for your design in the SDK. Another way to access this example code is to look in the SDK install directory, something like this: <Install> /SDK/2014.4/data/embeddedsw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/drivers/emacps_v2_2/examples.
Adam Taylor has a good five part series on using the Zynq Ethernet controller that starts here:
and here are a couple of links from the search on this site: