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Zynq Mini-ITX IBERT Design with Glenair FMC Connectivity Card

This project is an IBERT design implemented and tested on the Avnet Zynq Mini-ITX development board.

It incorporates instructions for Glenair 050-344 FMC Connectivity Card in conjunction with Avnet Zynq Mini-ITX Development Board to connect to and evaluate Glenair rugged Opto-Electronic Transceivers, Transmitters and Receivers. This document focuses on Glenair 050-327, 10Gbps PCB Mount Transceiver, but the methods described herein are extensible to many of the Glenair products described in link:


Glenair PCB-Mount Opto-Electronic Transceiver FMC Module Kits

Project Type: 
Hardware - FMC
Project Category: 
Wired Comms
Product Reference: 
Mini-ITX Board