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Zynq_SDR_Simulink Demo .Zip file Password

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Zynq_SDR_Simulink Demo .Zip file Password

Hi everyone, I downloaded the QPSK Digital Up/Down-Converter Demo from the below reference design link,
But the Zip file is protected with password, Please help me out how can I unzip the file, i couldn't find any password in the Readme.txt file.


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Inside the archive, there is

Inside the archive, there is a password_to_archive.txt file that has the instructions. Did you see that?

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Hi bryan

Hi bryan
I saw the 'password_to_archive.txt' file but it says;
(Contact for archive password
Paste this in e-mail subject: ADi Zynq SDR Simulink Demo )
I sent an eamil to them, but still i haven't received any reply.

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The password is no longer

The password is no longer needed, as the ADI Zynq SDR Simulink demo to which it applied in the past has been replaced with the full-length Zynq Software-Defined Radio SpeedWay workshop described below, now publicly accessible online at

All labs, Simulink models, slides and recorded video presentations may be freely downloaded without the requirement of the password. Note that this demo and SDR SpeedWay class relate to AES-ZSDR-ADI-G Zynq SoC / Analog Devices Software-Defined Radio Kit\adizynqsdr

In addition, video-tutorials for the more recent kit (AES-ZSDR2-ADI-G (ZedBoard version) and AES-ZSDR3-ADI-G (ZC706 version)), under the banner ‘Zynq Design Seminars / Integrated Software-Defined Radio on Zynq’ on