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The current Rev C documentation posted is Preliminary and subject to change. Please check back when you receive your ZedBoard kit for the most current released version.

  • Getting Started Guide
    • ZedBoard Quick Start                                           01.Aug.12   Download
    • ZedBoard Getting Started Guide                        14.Aug.12   Download
  • Hardware Guide
    • ZedBoard Hardware User's Guide Rev 1.3      15.Aug.12   Download
    • Cypress USB-to-UART Setup Guide Rev. 1.1  07.Aug.12   Download
  • Layout
    • ZedBoard Layout Rev. C.1                                     05.Jul.12   Download
  • Schematics
    • ZedBoard Schematics Rev. C.1                            05.Jul.12   Download
  • Bill of Materials
    • ZedBoard BOM Rev. C.1                                         05.Jul.12   Download
  • Mechanical Drawing
    • ZedBoard Mechanical Rev. C.1                             05.Jul.12   Download
  • Board Definition file
    • ZedBoard  Rev. C.1                                                  05.Jun.12  Download
  • Programmable Logic Master User Constraints
    • ZedBoard Master UCF Rev C.2                              11.Jul.12    Download