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1 Standalone program and Both ARM cores

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1 Standalone program and Both ARM cores

Hi all,
I have been working with the Zedboard for a few months now and understand it has 2 ARM A9 cores.
I have seen many posts here on how to use both cores for a Standalone/Standalone or Linux/Standalone configuration, but I have yet to see a post on how to utilize both cores for 1 program. Some parts of my program involve large matrix multiplies and are easily parallelizable so the idea was to leverage OpenMP to run both cores on some of the heavier computations.
I have experience programming 1 core with the .elf and have used OpenMP in the past on desktop computers, but what I am trying to do here seems much different.
I highly appreciate any comments or thoughts on this.
Thank you,

Same doubt

Need something like that, did you get anything?

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1 standalone can't control both A9, you need an OS which are in SMP ( Symmetric multiprocessor) in nature and LINUX is obvious good choice.. If you port linux in zed it can control both A9 and then you can use openmp or I do prefer posix to take advantage of each core

Looking for affirmation / information

I plan on using a single standalone to run on both cores. Why will it not work? I have not done it yet, but I am hoping to have a function within the single application that will be launched on the second core. The function will perform minimal initialization and then run a process parallel to the application running on the first core. The two processes will have a shared code space and some shared data space.
Are there any examples available?

In the Avnet Developing Zynq®

In the Avnet Developing Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC Hardware (Vivado 2013.3)   Speedway design workshop there is a basic example of creating and running a bare metal application on both ARM cores in Lab 9. You can download the Speedway presentation and lab material here:

Speedway Lab 9

I think you mean the SW lab 9. Anyway..
The lab uses two separate applications, and I would like to be able to run two continuous processes from a single application. Also, the lab launches the apps with the debugger and does not show how to program them to flash. When the two applications are in flash, which application issues the event to start the second core running?