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Sampling external analog inputs with XADC

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Sampling external analog inputs with XADC

I want to use XADC to sample 3 external analog inputs but the problem is that it can only sample internal signals like temperature or VCCs. When an external signal (of about 800 mV) is fed to VN/VP pins or auxiliary channel 0 or 8 at the XADC header, no data is captured by XADC. By the way, what is the correct way to connect an analog input to VN/VP or to any of the auxiliary channels.

FYI, I use AXI XADC 1.00a IP following the PlanAhead flow and XADC API driver in SDK to access XADC in simultaneous sampling mode (I have to remove MUXADDR, CONVST, and ALARM signals of the IP because PlanAhead won't generate bit stream with these signals hanging around).

Have you looked at the AMS101

Have you looked at the AMS101 design on the Community Projects page?

I purchased the AMS101 and

I purchased the AMS101 and got it to work on the Zedboard.

The limitation of the AMS101 is that the source design for interface is not provided. The design only includes a boot.bin file that you load through the SD card. It then interfaces with a proprietary panel on the PC.

As such, the AMS101 kit provides no examples on how to configure the Zynq in hardware and no examples for software interface either. It just has a demo of the final working system.

Useful information can be found in the following documents that can be found on the Xilinx site.

For specifications:

For Theory and Concepts:

How it fits with Zynq:

Moonho Kang
xadc application for ext. signal conversion

Check out the lab3 in blog :


XADC Project

I'm working through MHKang's Labs. I find them very informative. Thanks.

Larry Byars