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I'm not familar with SFP, is it possible to connect two Zedboards with SFP connectors together with a direct connect cable such as this?

Do the cables have crossovers in them, as it looks like the IOs are fixed for RX and TX mode.

This would be to implement FPGA to FPGA communication via something like the AXI Chip2Chip IP and the Aurora IP. (Not necessarily implementing the SFP protocol, just using the serial pairs)


Hi there,

Hi there,

You will need to contact the manufacturer or check a datasheet to see about wiring as you are asking. I do not see anything of certainty, but it appears that this might be a crossover already. I would think making certain that the signals are crossed is all you need. Please contact the manufacturer for the datasheet.

I have used Fiber SFP+ modules without issue to do what you are asking (you need to purchase or make a cross over). Using fiber, I do not have to worry about signal loss over distance (up to as far as the laser can drive). I would personally use the smallest length cable I could.

You ARE correct in that the RX and TX lanes are set. They are hard IP in the FPGA fabric.

I should also note that depending on WHICH M-ITX you have, these might limit your transmission speeds. The one you linked is only rated to 10Gbps.