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Zedboard display on monitor problem

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Zedboard display on monitor problem

Hello everyone,
I am trying the sobel filter application using this link;
I see the desktop of linaro alip and run the sobel filter application both sofware and hardware but always a few minutes later desktop gone to gray screen.
Any ideas what's the problem.


This is a pretty old application built on the Xilinx ISE tool suite rather than the current Vivado tools. You might want to consider looking at a more current app note (xapp1167).
That said you might want to check if there is a 'power saver' or screen timeout option with the Ubuntu desktop running on the Zynq. You could also check and see if the evaluation versions of the IP in the application have a timeout.
Otherwise you might try to contact the author of the application note.

I don't think so the problem

I don't think so the problem is about power saver or screen time out because the time is changeable. When i don't run the application, system work very well about 25 minuter or higher than. But if i run the application system don't display on the monitor. Monitor change into gray screen in 1-2 minutes.
I think that adv7511 which is built in zedboard,has some problems some monitor types.Because The same sd card which has the application can't run some monitor.(AOC_1920x1080) But can run other monitor (HP_1600x900).
I'm really confused about that.
Please, really need help from someone that encounter like that problem.