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How to run an application from Linux

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How to run an application from Linux

I have an application with custom peripherals and it runs from the SDK via JTAG on the zedboard with expected results.
How can I run this application without needing the PC (IOW, SDK or a JTAG connection)? I have tried to make the BSP and copied the *.elf files on the SD card to be able to run at the zync> prompt. But it doesn't work.
I have also tried the "Program Boot Image" from SDK, but I am not sure if the flash is setup correctly to boot up and start running the application.

Thanks for any help in advance!


In your program you probably directly call towards peripherals and their addresses.

using a 'Memory Mapped' interface with mmap()
this thread helped me in finding the solution:

there are different examples available on the internet that demonstrate the use of mmap
these should be able to help you port your bare-metal project to a linux application.