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Ethernet camera application with ZYNQ

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Ethernet camera application with ZYNQ

We are going to make an "image processing & target surveillance" project.
Boss has a very strong belief about we can do this project. 
But project team isn't strong enough.
We suppose to use ZedBoard, ethernet camera and VGA or HDMI monitor. 
I don't have complete AXI knowledge. (Beginner level)
Knowing BRAM, ISE, ISIM/ModelSim knowledge at about 2 years mostly architectural design. 
Nowadays I am making readings and trainings about
 * C/SDK,
 * MIG/DMA/VDMA like Xilinx's default IPs and 3rd party IPs integration.
 * (if required) My custom IPs' AXI connection.
 * VGA/HDMI interconnect.
 * Ethernet interconnect. 
 * So on.  :)
I have two important questions friends:
 1- We suppose to use ethernet camera, instead of using HDMI camera. 
As i see, at the internet most of the applications have been done with HDMI camera.
Do you have any idea or advice about this topic?
What can be the advantages or disadvantages about using ethernet or HDMI camera? Can you please share your advice & opinions?
 2- (To be honest..) About this project we don't know where to start.
There are lots of courses also. PLC2 for example. But lots lots of topics & subjects.
For example we can
 * study ethernet / HDMI connection,
 * study to "Custom IPs' AXI connection and its C/SDK integration like SW works 
 * learn Xilinx's IP's  C/SDK integration like SW / register-addressing works.
Can you please check my condition and share your advice?

Hi Sercan,

Hi Sercan,

If Boss has given you a contract, then surely you have some experience.

Start with your system specifications / requirements.

Where will the camera be positionned with respect to the processing engine ?

If your answer is far, then a cabling solution makes sense (HDMI, ethernet, USB, etc...) 

How far away ? (ethernet allows much more distance)

If you the camera and the processing engine are at the same place, then why are you considering a cable ?

What resolution does your camera need to be ?




Hi Josh,
Thx for your reply.
Camera and ZedBoard will be so closed to each other. At the same place, at the same platform. For ex. it can be a Pan/Tilt system inside a tank.
At this project we don't have a system requirement set. We are going to build a product and try to sell her.
My boss' foresight/experience/knowledge is like, "most of the cameras are used as Ethernet Camera inside the vehicles" , for that reason we started to include and focus on Eth.Cam. 
Yes, i have HW experience and Digital & FPGA exprnce also.
But, not familiar with AXI, ZYNQ, VDMA like Xilinx IPs and C also. We are a team with a young eng. friend who is new at  SW with some Matlab and general SW coding experiences. 
And for a 1 year period, we deciede to get camera input and process this image (as adding some informations like target article(s), distance of the target and maybe a x3/x5 zooming for example). And sure finally we will drive this new image at a VGA or HDMI screen.
When considering this schedule i found that learning ethernet protocol for video stream will take much time then using HDMI cameras.
About this issue if you have an opinion it would be nice plus for us.
The other thing is:
For zedboard & Xilinx Zyynq7020 we cannot be able to find helpful documents. We all know that VHDL/FPGA documentation was always very weak. As i see it started to be better nowadays.
I think we will most probably start to learn HDMI nowadays.
As i see there are strong documentation about HDMI at internet.
Your "Designing A Custom AXI Slave" for ZB is also a very helpful document. (Note: At the following page there is helpful infos also.
I couldn't find time to search ethernet applications on ZYNQ (especially on ZedBoard).
Your "ZedBoard version of XAPP1026: LightWeight IP (lwIP) Appl. Examples" is for ISE.
Do you know any starting point for ethernet video streaming applications?  (Maybe we will still use Eth.Camera at our appl.)
Thx for your all support & BR..

Ayn advice or any application note offer?

Hi Josh,
We would use eth. camera. (Samsung iPolis SNZ-5200)
  * Having H.264 supporting 30 fps frame rate and 1280x1024 resolution. (I checked this from the user interface program of the camera.)
  * 10Mb/100Mb/1000Mb
Now we are trying to add a free MAC ip and a free or 3rd. party H.264 decoder ip.
Do you know any ips for this aim OR can you offer us a starting point for our project?

Thx for advence.. Thx for all..  
Regards..   :)

Hi Sercan,

Hi Sercan,

Unfortnatly the majoity of our reference material involves a HDMI Camera. You may be able to get a better response over at the Xilinx forum as they it will have exposure to more people. Also please take a look at your private messages (top right corner of webpage). I have sent you a message.