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Xillinux: Run Ubuntu Linux desktop on Zedboard

Xillinux is a full-blown graphical desktop Linux distribution for the Zedboard, intended as a platform for rapid development of mixed software-logic projects.

Like any Linux distribution, Xillinux is a collection of software which turns the Zedboard into a classic computer system, with roughly the same capabilities as a personal desktop computer running Linux, plus the ability to easily communicate with custom application logic.

Xillinux is a kickstart kit for developing logic talking with the host (easy integration with Xillybus pipes), and most notably differs from Xilinx' demo kit as follows:

* No kernel compilation is likely to be necessary, since nearly all kernel features are enabled (in the "rich" kernel set, available as a binary add-on for download).
* The monitor is connected to analog VGA connector, rather than HDMI
* The logic part is built from sources (and IP cores), hence making changes to the system is straightforward
* Allows native on-board compilation of kernel modules
* Shows an activity meter on the OLED display
* Supports the on-board sound device
* X-Windows desktop is launched only on command

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I got a zedboard yesterday,So I wanted to run the linux os on it.

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Two questions:

1. Does Xillinux use a file system that renders the SD card "disk" reliable over the long term?

2. How is the frame buffer implemented?

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I don't believe there is anything special done for this filesystem to make it compatible with the SD card. On the other hand, I have run it this way for a long long time without problem. I use high-quality Sandisk and Samsung SD Cards.

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I went through the tutorial and built the system.
I would like to know if i there are any chances of porting this to ZYNQ ZC702 board, since it has a HDMI port instead of VGA.

I have the HDMI drivers too, but some help in getting it in track with the zimage would be great :)

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Will it be possible to run Ubuntu Linux desktop on Zedboard using QSPI flash ?

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I think the QSPI write speed is too slow to be a practical option for booting Ubuntu.

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While I was programming Zedboard with the pre-installed Linux distribution I was running my elf files with the following command: ./test.elf . At this period of time I need to have access to the DDR3 memory and I decided to installed the Xillinux distribution. The entire installation processes completed with success but when I am trying to run a simple " Hello world" Linux application I am facing a problem depicted with this message :

root@localhost:~/Desktop# ./test.elf
-bash: ./test.elf: No such file or directory

Could you please help me to overcome this problem??

Thank you in advance

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I want to download linux design.

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Has anyone had luck getting Xillinux working with the 10" Avnet display?

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