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Color Conversion Custom IP Application

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Color Conversion Custom IP Application

I am using a ZEdboard and 10inch HDMI LCD
I have created a Custom IP with Vivado HLS to convert RGB to GRAY by passing the AXI4-Stream and getting the output as AXI4-Stream.
The base TRD used is from Analog Devices ADV7511 to display image in HDMI using the application from Analog Device ADV7511 Transmitter.
The image is wriiten into DDR and from DDR its trasnferec to VDMA and then fromm VDMA to HDMI (Which works fine)
When i introduce my custom IP and try to convert the image from VDMA to IP and IP to VDMA and then to HDMI.
Kindly let me know how to realize this application in SDK.

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Hi Anand,

Other resources that might help you is our display kit tutorials for ZedBoard:

- HDMI Bare Metal Reference Design Using ADV7511 and ADI IP

- Zedboard HDMI Display Controller Tutorial for Vivado using Xilinx VIPP

Found here:

Also this may be helpful as well:

- 10-inch Display Panel Controller Standalone Tutorials for ZedBoard

Found here:

Basically, you need to initialize the VDMA so that you have a frame buffer that your SDK software can see. Then you can write the pixel data into the frame buffer from your application. The above examples show how to do this.

Best Regards,


Hello Kevin,

Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the reply,
I have already used the TRD from HDMI Bare Metal Reference Design Using ADV7511 and got the output
I will look into the other code which you suggested.
Now i have included my custom IP to convert the the image to gray by passing through my IP.
I need the application in SDK (which can read the image from VDMA and pass through my custom IP and write back to VDMA which is connected toHDMI output)