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ZedBoard Out Of Box SD Card image and source

This zip file contains the Out Of Box (OOB) SD card image and source. Documentation on how to obtain and build the Linux Kernel along with the hardware project and boot files is provided.

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Very useful project.
It saves your life and your time if you want to start with the Zedboard.

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Hi seyyedi. Did you run success this project? If yes how can you do? I can't create bit file properly. Can you review a summary for setup this project? Thank you. My problem log is below.

# Starting program post_par_trce
# trce -e 3 -xml system.twx system.ncd system.pcf
Can't find Xilinx wrapper "/opt/Xilinx/14.2/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin/trce.real"
Xilinx trce workaround wrapper
ERROR:Xflow - Program post_par_trce returned error code 1. Aborting flow
make: *** [__xps/system_routed] Error 1

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Did I write some wrong and boring things?

Warm thanks.

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Hello. I have a problem about compiling my own FSBL file. The error is "make: *** [src/_exit.o] Error 127" What is this? My host PC's OS is Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick) My kernel version is 2.6.35-32-generic-pae. And finally my GNOME version is 2.32.0
Thanks in advance. Please help me.

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Hi again. This is the my complete output when compiling fsbl project.

**** Build of configuration Debug for project zynq_fsbl ****

make all
Building file: ../src/_exit.c
/bin/sh: arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc: not found
Invoking: ARM gcc compiler
make: *** [src/_exit.o] Error 127
arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc -Wall -O0 -g3 -c -fmessage-length=0 -mfloat-abi=soft -MMD -MP -MF"src/_exit.d" -MT"src/_exit.d" -o"src/_exit.o" "../src/_exit.c"

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Hi Kursadgol,

sorry for late response!
The first thing that came into my mind reading your message was problem with the ARM GNU Tools. Have you already installed it?


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Thank you very much Seyyedi. You wellcome. Best regards. Dear all; after a long long long trying period, it works.

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Avnet is currently running some Zynq training in a few spots in North America, with a few global locations to be announced soon.
We are working to make this training available online, but we likely won't have it ready until December.  When available, this training will cover building the FSBL and a basic embedded Linux system.

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I think the Digilent link is dead. Can anyone verify this?

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I am also seeing a "No File" error for the Digilent OOB zip

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I downloaded the device tree compiler ( and fed the devicetree_ramdisk.dts source from the linux directory of the into it and compared its binary output against the .dtb file in the sd_image directory. They don't match. Any explanation as to what's going on?
I don't want to try to boot using this re-created .dtb without a good explanation of differences.

schaefer0's picture

my bad. operator error.

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Any idea what command line options dtc was called with?

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I did a find . -name zynq* on the top level of my git'd xilinx tools directory linux/xlnx and found a .dts file named zynq-zed.dts and diff'd it against devicetree_ramdisk.dts and they are very different.
Anyone care to explain the difference?

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I use the SD Card image to boot zedboard and write a simple app to dsiplay color bar by vdma ip.But the color bar just display a moment.I hope it can display all the time,what should I do?

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I am learning Zynq!

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good to get this doc.

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I believe that this is a dead link again. Can someone please get a link for this zip.

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This compress record contains the Out Of Box (OOB) SD card picture and source. Write Research Paper for Me Documentation on the most proficient method to get and construct the Linux Kernel alongside the equipment venture and boot records is given.

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