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ERROR: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk

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ERROR: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk

I flow the introduction to Zynq hardware Lab 2
PS Configuration Part1&Hello World lab manue

I did everything in the lab manue but when I Export Hardware for SDK,I got error message
"ERROR: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk" 
Pleas help me to find out solution.
thank you very much for your help


xsdk path incorrectly configured

xsdk is the correct name of the executable for the Xilinx Software Development Kit under Linux.  You either do not have it installed (this is easy to miss because the Vivado installer does not include the SDK by default;  you have to check the SDK box during installation), or you have it installed but the directory containing the xsdk executable is not included in your default $PATH.  Note that you need to add the Xilinx tools to your path whenever you open a new terminal window.  If you have not installed the SDK, you can install it standalone without having to reinstall Vivado.

how to add the SDK Path to Vivado

Thanks for ur answer and I think it is correct. But I do not know how to solve it. Can you list the  procedure?

Hi mengjewu,

Hi mengjewu,

If you need assiatance with installing SDK, please get that assistance over at Xilinx. They are the creators of the tool and will be able to guide you the best in this effort.