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what is the best OS for this application ?

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what is the best OS for this application ?

hello everyone :)

i got my zedboard, my project is running MJPEG decoder on my board, in order to measure performances of this decoder on ZYNQ ( in first moment , without PL, next with PL ).

i need an operating system witch can support input and output peripheral ( SD and screen, webcam ), and a light OS for embedded system ( light solution ), in addition, i don't need to develop any drivers for this system.

second thing, if i will apply a parallel implementation on ZYNQ, i will need a multitask OS, in other hand i need a solution to share task with the PL.

by the way, i used Xillinux, but it seem so heavy for my application, because this OS use a lot of work percentage on processors

i will be so appreciate for your help

thank you


Have you looked at FreeRTOS at all?  It is supported on Zynqtasking and has a good following in the open source community.