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run standalone application on both core ( ZYNQ ) - zedboard

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run standalone application on both core ( ZYNQ ) - zedboard


I have a question, i made some research but i can't found an answer

I want to run a standalone application on both core of cortex A9 ( ZYNQ), the problem is when i go to SDK, and create new application, there is no option to checked the both CPU, like on DS-5 of ARM ??

but Xillinux is running on both CPU ( ), i tested it, and i checked the both cpu, even i run task on CPU0 and i stop it, then system use the second CPU.

I need to run the same application on both CPU together, like we have an OS running on both CPU, i mean, i need that my application see the both CPU, in other way, if we create a standalone application, and we specify the CPU0 to run it, that mean that the CPU1 is working, or we can work with it, for example, read his own characteristic like watchdog and other register?

i checked all documentation talking about this , but it seem made another thing whitch ( like xapp1079-amp-bare-metal-cortex-a9.pdf )

yes it seem i have the same issue like this user

i will be so appreciate for any help

thank you


If I understand your question correctly, you want to have a standalone application that essentially runs in SMP mode.  This is one of the overlook tasks normally handled by an operating system like Linux, which comes up automatically in SMP mode.  Replicating this in a standalone program would be far more work than it would be worth, so I would suggest you employ and OS and write applications for it.   You can of course use the SDK to target applications to run on either core 0 or core 1, but there is no option to run a program on both cores.  The reason for this is that there are many things that have to be considered, such as coherency of the L2 cache, and managing access to external memory.  Not something that applications generally want to worry about.