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Analog Devices Power Module

Each Avnet Power Module has been designed to a common set of specifications that can be found linked in the following documentation:Power Module Engineering Specification . These power modules are designed to be interchangeable allowing the use of preferred vendors by the end user.
The Analog Devices Power Module provides a proven robust design for powering Xilinx 7 series FPGAs and Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs. Designed to meet the tolerance and sequencing guidelines set forth by Xilinx, the Analog Devices Power Module provides a highly optimized controller based design utilizing the ADP1850 dual output synchronous buck controller.
The device operates in current mode for improved transient response and uses valley current sensing for enhanced noise immunity.
The ADP1850 is ideal in system applications requiring multiple output voltages: the ADP1850 includes a synchronization feature to eliminate beat frequencies between switching devices; provides accurate tracking capability between supplies and includes precision enable for simple, robust sequencing.
The ADP1850 provides high speed, high peak current drive capability with dead-time optimization to enable energy efficient power conversion. For low load operation, the device can be configured to operate in power saving mode (PSM) by skipping pulses and reducing switching losses to improve the energy efficiency at light load and standby conditions.
Additional flexibility is provided by external programmability of loop compensation, soft start, frequency setting, power saving mode, current limit and current sense gain can all be programmed using external components.