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Suggestions for tutorials

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Suggestions for tutorials

Few ideas

For linux
Remote debugging with gdb
c++ hello world
python and python hello world
pwm for rc servos
zedboard hexapod
using a microphone
audio output
vga output
dvi output
voip / voip box
home gateway
3G dongle/connection
Qt program development
onboard java compiler
seven segment/alpha numeric display
simple oscilliscope
weather station

For android
Hello world
remote debugging with eclipse
using a microphone
audio output
vga output
dvi output

I'd be happy to write some of these once I get a zedboard (looks like mid August) if I can get the time with work and studies.

Might be worthwhile doing a port of the arduino tools
like papillio has done with zpuino for those who don't want to use edk. Have a supplied basic set of peripherals in the bitstream that the software can use.

Could make it more attractive for some hobbiests and software people ? as less of a learning curve.First steps then if you want the full power you need to use edk.

Plus a cheap fmc to arduino wing adaptor with level shifters would be handy.

Thanks so much AlexxG for

Thanks so much AlexxG for your interest! I will be sure to pass these along to the fella's at Avnet, and will start in on a few myself as soon as I get my own Zed board!

Tutorials for beginners

Can we also please add some sections for beginners who haven't done any FPGA development before? For example,
1) Installing WebPack
2) Using PlanAhead, ISE, XPS
3) Simple example project to get started on the Zedboard

Thanks in advance.

RE: Tutorials for beginners

Hi Thadshayanan,

For installation guidance for 14.1, I recommend installing the full version of the tools and then licensing for WebPACK usage. Take a look at Xilinx UG798 for more comprehensive instructions:

We will have some further tutorials posted shortly.



Hopefully get my board this

Hopefully get my board this week.
So when I get the time I'll be happy to start on a few projects.

Though I'd prefer to do them as a wiki ,rather than a static doc, makes it easier for others to update and extend them.

Any update on whether is going to allow or have a wiki or have one else where like or ...?

AlexG, I think you might find
Already using plan ahead

Already using plan ahead
Plus already thanked you on your other page

It is a two part blog post

It is a two part blog post that describes how to get a hello world c project running on bare metal - not just PlanAhead. Thanks for the links on as well.

Karl Wang
Application code development tutorials

Does anyone know of good tutorials for application code development for beginners? i.e. more detailed explanation of the included libraries, functional calls that are used in the Application SW Code shown in A.3 of ZedBoard: Zynq-7000 AP SoC Concepts, Tools and Techniques ... Thanks.