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Zynq-7000® All Programmable SoC Intelligent Drives Kit Technical Specifications
Analog Devices AD-FMCMOTCON2-EBZ module
Drive 2 BLDC / PMSM / Brushed DC / Stepper motors up to 48 V @ 20 A
AD7403/5 Isolated 20 MHz Sigma-Delta modulators
ADuM5000/7640 power and digital signal isolation
ADuM5230 Isolated Half-Bridge Driver for High Frequency Switching
Integrated over-current and reverse-voltage protection
Dual Gigabit IEEE1588 Ethernet PHYs for high speed industrial communication
Isolated Xilinx XADC interface
Sensored or sensoreless position measurement
Encoder support includes BISS, EnDAT, Hall Sensor, and resolver