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PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V1

The PicoZed™ Carrier Card V1 supports development of PicoZed-based designs with a platform containing all the necessary interfaces and I/O expansion required for the PicoZed System-on-Module. The carrier card provides connector interfaces for the on-module Gigabit Ethernet PHY and USB PHY, and also supports common processor system interfaces including uSD card and USB-UART. A majority of the PicoZed’s programmable logic I/O are made available through an LPC FMC connector. In addition, an HDMI output port, a second Gigabit Eternet port, and several peripheral module connectors are included. The four serial transceivers on the 7015 and 7030 SOMs are allocated to a x1 PCIe Gen2 card edge interface, the FMC connector , a SFP+ cage, and a general purpose SMA interface.