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Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Security PMOD

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 Security Peripheral Module (Pmod) enables a root of trust for platform integrity, remote attestation, and cryptographic services as required by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Applications. The TPM Pmod features Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPM SLB9670 which is compliant to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) TPM 2.0 specification and connects to Zynq and Zynq UltraScale+ via a SPI interface. This Pmod enables measured boot functionality and cryptographic security to extend the hardware root of trust enabled by Zynq and Zynq UltraScale+ devices.  The system also supports additional use cases such as device Identity, secure storage, secure communications, and secure firmware upgrade. When these capabilities are coupled with the Zynq and Zynq UltraScale+ secure boot (hardware root of trust) feature, developers have the security foundation required for the Industrial Internet of Things.

TPM 2.0 Module
TPM 2.0 Module
TPM 2.0 Module w/UltraZed-EG SOM & PCIe Carrier

What's included

Cost-effective, TPM 2.0 Pmod