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  1. fatal error:xuartps_hw.h : No such file or directory

    ... gives me following error fatal error:xuartps_hw.h:No such file or directory make:***[src/main.o]Error 1 Can anyone help me How I can ... anymore.  All you need is the hardware description file from Vivado.  Create a zynq project using petalinux-create, the use ...

    umer.sabeen - 2015-12-07 04:47 - 1 comment

  2. IR PowIRCenter config. file

    ... SOM. Could you please provide the PowIRCenter configuration file to us? Thank you very much! Best, Pei ... Pei, If you plan to use the same configuration I have a file I can provide. You will need to make sure the schematic matches that of ...

    hanpei369 - 2018-06-20 06:51 - 1 comment

  3. Step File

    Document Files:  File Name: Rev Date:  15.Jun.18 Upload File: Weight:  ...

    aeberly - 2018-06-16 14:43 - 0 comments

  4. Media file playback from sd card

    ... Hello All I want to read some video file (raw or mpeg) from sd card and to display on hdmi monitor using linux. So how can I read video file from sd card and write data to DDR, then accress data form DDR and ...

    Praveen - 2014-03-25 23:30 - 0 comments

  5. launching elf file period takes too much time

    ... on sdk after creating bitstrem on XPS, launching the elf file takes approximately 2 minutes. I walked step by step as in zedboard CTT ... Erdogan, It can be about 'Save all files' or 'save this file' option. Best regards. ...

    erdoganc - 2012-11-12 12:32 - 3 comments

  6. USB Bulk IN/OUT as file from application not working

    ... system call. For your analysis please find attached log file as reference. Any input or suggestions or reference for this would be ... and which can handled in the user space application using file system would be a great help.   Regards, Krishna ...

    Krishnam - 2017-01-16 05:33 - 1 comment

  7. Optimizing Boot Time

    ... Edit the qspi.c file Give this a try. Edit the fsbl/src/qspi.c file and in the InitQspi(void) function change the XQSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_8 ...

    clayb2013 - 2014-02-12 17:17 - 5 comments

  8. Print to file XILFFS

    ... Hi! I'm trying to print something to a text file using the polled example in the xilffs library. I've done so successfully ...

    t0rg31r - 2018-04-19 04:58 - 3 comments

  9. UCF file help

    ... someone please tell me what lines I have to add in the UCF file (system.ucf) to assign a custom IP's output port to the LED on the board? ...

    Thadshayanan - 2012-08-29 22:48 - 1 comment

  10. Zynq Reading Matlab objects (.MAT file) in C.

    ... Hi, I am looking for some instructions in reading .MAT file from Matlab. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks, TV ...

    fl_guy - 2014-05-19 15:34 - 1 comment