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  1. porting XAPP -1026 on Zed board

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi, My customer is trying to port XAPP ... Version 3.1 Boot mode is JTAG -----lwIP RAW Mode Demo Application ------ -----sleep Start ------ -----sleep end ------ ... heading "ZedBoard version of XAPP1026: LightWeight IP (lwIP) Application Examples": There ...

    chandru_mhg@red... - 2013-12-05 22:07 - 4 comments

  2. microZed : compiling u-boot image (and creating BOOT.BIN)

    Forums:  Software Application Development I cloned the u-boot.git from xilinx and ... Section Count: 0x00000001 Checksum: 0xFFF2E3AC Application Handoff Address: 0x00000000 In FsblHookBeforeHandoff function ... Section Count: 0x00000001 Checksum: 0xFFD2E3DC Application Handoff Address: 0x00100000 <===== NOTE THIS! In ...

    bluehatsoft - 2015-08-31 06:49 - 2 comments

  3. AXI GPIO Interrupt

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello everyone, i'd like to use an ... 0 GIC 61 gpio ). I also try to write a user application and wait for an interrupt with: int irq_count = 0; ... open ... for an interrupt with read()? If the interrupt occurs, the application continue. I have no ISR like a bare metal application. Regards, ...

    snickolay - 2015-05-26 06:07 - 9 comments

  4. SDK can't program FPGA on MiniZed

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello, I've been going through the ... and I'm getting caught on step 02 - the Hello World application. The SDK can't seem to program the Zynq, although I'm able to ... Hello Ph2017, Does the Hello World application run if you use a different terminal application and then run hello ...

    ph2017 - 2017-09-26 23:31 - 3 comments

  5. Zynq Concepts, Tools, and Techniques on ZedBoard - Issues

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi all, I'm new to the Zedboard, ... I've encountered two problems: 1) Section 3.1.2 - The application code does not compile without error: ../src/helloworld.c:39:6: ... :"IO Error! Bad file descriptor in nativeDrain" ##### Application Starts ##### SELECT the Operation from the Below Menu ... - 2012-12-06 10:07 - 12 comments

  6. Verify UART is/isn't working on project

    Forums:  Software Application Development Thank you in advance for any help anyone ... Are you using an Operating System or is this a 'bare metal' application?   -Gary ... you get that working you can use the auto generated test application, as is shown in the MicroZed tutorial 03, to test your AXI uart. ...

    jlarcher01 - 2014-05-13 06:42 - 5 comments

  7. Raw Ethernet frames with XEmacPs driver

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi, I posted a question a few weeks ... wrong, but I think the problem is probably in the standalone application code. I'm probably asking too much, but I'm not an expert at all, ... problem? If Yes: How did you do it? can you post some easy application for initializing and sending via ethernet? Thanks. ...

    sysseon - 2016-12-21 05:07 - 6 comments

  8. Petalinux custom app with library guidance

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello everyone, I am using Petalinux ... in terms of explaining how to reference libraries in a new application. As openssl is already included in rootfs, all I want is a way to reference it in my application. Regards ...

    ganeshk - 2015-10-22 10:17 - 4 comments

  9. spidev not active in 7z020

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello I am working on 7z020 board. I ... that I export the hardware to sdk and make fsbl SDK->New->application project -> project name->fsbl hardware platform ... to read "ramdisk32M.image.gz" from mmc 0:1 ** ## Starting application at 0x00008000 ..." then I copied zImage and ramdisk32M.image.gz ...

    ashahsana - 2015-10-29 07:09 - 3 comments

  10. UART-0 hangs when UART-1 receive data in AMP

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi All, I am using ZEDBoard with AMP application. I configured UART0 receive interrupt for CPU0 and UART1 receive ... explanation, i can provide you. I cannot run the AMP application in debugger because i have to run the both applications (cpuo and ...

    fayyazrafiq - 2014-04-28 05:51 - 5 comments