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  1. Running .elf from bare-metal memory

    Forums:  Software Application Development In the linked question someone asks ... Similar: ...

    morphevs - 2013-10-14 09:35 - 0 comments

  2. Mapping linux driver to GPIO

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi All, I have currently mapped two ... is definitely not recommended for use in a real world application: Regards, -Kevin ... this driver making it much simpler to write your user space application. You won't need to perform MMAP operation and hassle with the ...

    yathindra - 2016-08-10 18:25 - 5 comments

  3. problem with programming the fpga on the zedboard

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi, I am having problem with my rev D ... for your experiment.   Once SDK is started 'Create Application'.   Then, under 'FIle' on the SDK toolbar select 'New" > 'Application Project'.   Give the project a name and them select ...

    mreza - 2015-09-17 09:15 - 6 comments

  4. When using LwIP raw API on MicroZed the ethernet speed is approximately 10 times lower than expected.

    Forums:  Software Application Development Dear all, I am setting up a bare-metal C application on MicroZed (Zynq 7010) using LwIP to receive data over gigabit ... MicroZed_hw_platform (predefined) BSP: standalone 4.1 Application: LwIP Echo Server Template with the following lines commented out ...

    strnadp - 2014-08-26 09:26 - 1 comment

  5. hello world

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello all I try to run the hello world application on the zedboard according the tutorial "..Concepts, Tools and ... zedboard definition file and the first part of hello world application worked. I then started the extended version of hello word (with ...

    alfgru - 2012-10-27 05:47 - 3 comments

  6. SDK remote debugging a linux app

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi all, I have followed the ... remote debug operation. I create in SDK a Linux C empty application associated with the exported HW platform and follow the steps from ... to ZedBoard, after login as root to Select Remote C/C++ Application File in ZedBoard root file system I get the following error: ...

    cerezuela - 2013-09-12 03:20 - 2 comments

  7. HOW TO download by Ethernet ?

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi, I want to download my sdk by ... Hello VDA, Are you refering to running your application over ethernet to your PicoZed? Or are you refering to downloading ... Hi JFoster, I want to running my application over ethernet to my Picozed. Thanks VDA ...

    VDA - 2017-07-17 00:14 - 3 comments

  8. ZedBoard 1Gbps Ethernet

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi , How to configure Zed Board for 1Gbps Ethernet speed . using XAPP1026 application procedure , i am getting 350 Mbps speed with iperf Test. I followed same procedure given in this application note. Can any body help for this issue. Thanking you in ...

    anil - 2015-12-08 01:25 - 4 comments

  9. MicroZed AMP (Baremetal/Baremetal​) Configuration Issue

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hi everybody, I followed Developing ... When I tried to generate app_cpu1 (standalone_amp application project) for amp, The New project Templates page not showing any ... there is a message says that there is no supported application for selected processor and OS. I am running SDK 2015.4. Please ...

    liang.zhu@emers... - 2016-05-05 05:54 - 1 comment

  10. DDR memory reservation

    Forums:  Software Application Development Hello everyone, I'm working on ... a Linux OS (kernel 4.4). My CPU1 runs a FreeRTOS. Each Application have to exchange data to the other one. so I'm using DDR as a ... and SGI as Inter processor interrupt system. My FreeRTOS application is located at 0x0F010000, and my Shared memory is located at ...

    n.domblides - 2016-11-02 08:25 - 2 comments