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  1. License for Simulation?

    Forums:  Using Xilinx Tools I recently purchased a ... license. There are several threads on the Xilinx community forums on license issues: ...

    rdemara - 2016-06-23 10:50 - 1 comment

  2. AMS header VREF AND VCCADC intention?

    Forums:  MicroZed Hardware Design Hi, The AMS header ... forum not use the mark as correct answer function that other forums do? ...

    smvo555 - 2015-07-16 08:20 - 3 comments

  3. PL Design won't work on Windows 10 Laptop

    Forums:  Zedboard Hardware Design Hey, so I have a ... look at the last page of this thread on the Xilinx Community forums it does indicate that there are problems with using the JTAG interface in Vivado 2015.x with Windows 10:   ...

    nlocke - 2016-04-15 13:55 - 3 comments

  4. problem making library and run through SDK

    Forums:  Using Xilinx Tools I want to make a soruce code ... dc3220, Have you taken a look at this post on the Xilinx forums? Is ...

    dc3220 - 2014-02-06 22:15 - 1 comment

  5. Turn led ON when fifo is full

    Forums:  Zedboard Hardware Design Hi, I am writing a ... Have you also asked this same question on the Xilinx forums? I would recommend that since this is a specific question internal to ...

    Hammad - 2015-09-10 00:15 - 3 comments

  6. uboot compilation for Zedboard

    Forums:  General Questions Hi, I downloaded the u-boot ... First, please do not post the same question to multiple forums on the site. Posting a question only once shows some respect for the ...

    Habib SMEI - 2016-02-16 05:54 - 1 comment

  7. Chipscope licence

    Forums:  General Questions Hi, I was wondering is ... standard dongle.  I believe this is discussed on the Xilinx forums if you want to learn more.   Bryan ...

    Limba - 2012-10-02 10:38 - 1 comment

  8. implementing XAPP1167 application note example on zedboard

    Forums:  Using Xilinx Tools Hello, I am trying to ... of posts on the forum and the Xilinx community forums that should be helpful:   ...   ...

    sandy111 - 2014-03-26 12:30 - 1 comment

  9. Xilinx SDK C++ Standard

    Forums:  Software Application Development What C++ ... and should be directed to one of the Xilinx Community forums, probably either the Embedded Development Tools forum:   or perhaps ... - 2015-10-22 07:11 - 1 comment

  10. AXI DMA driver for Linux

    Forums:  Software Application Development I am trying to ... If those fail, how are we supposed to start working? Xilinx forums are either completely useless or completely clueless. Either ways, it is ... have dma-channel sub-nodes (see the DTS here: ). ...

    vgokhale - 2013-07-29 10:06 - 8 comments