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The following reference designs are provided “AS IS”. If you have questions, please utilize the on-line forums in seeking help.


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IO Carrier Card Base Design

This Vivado IPI design consists of a Zynq subsystem and a custom Programmable Logic (PL) peripheral to interface to the 8 User LEDs (LED1 to LED8) on the IO Carrier.  The custom peripheral allows for the brightness of theses LEDs to be controlled from a software application executing on the Processing System (PS).  This is the Base I/O Carrier Card Reference Design ( referred to in the Quick Start Instructions and the Getting Started Guide.

Vivado 2013.3 Version

Development Using Ubuntu Desktop Linux

These tutorials provide a means to integrate several different technologies on a single platform.  Using the Avnet target boards, we have the power of ARM processors, combined with the unrivaled flexibility of Xilinx programmable logic to implement custom hardware systems.    We use a Linux kernel as the foundation operating system running on the processor cores which enables a very large ecosystem of software to be run on our development kits. Virtual machines can provide a very convenient Ubuntu development environment for building the hardware platform and cross-compiling software to target the Processing System.

VirtualBox and Linux VM Installation Guide v2018.3

IoT Sensor Fusion Tutorials for MicroZed I/O Carrier Card

This Vivado IPI design consists of a Zynq subsystem and AXI Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) IP instance within the Programmable Logic (PL) to interface to a Maxim MAX31723 Pmod on the IO Carrier.  The AXI QSPI IP allows for the capture of temperature data from the MAX 31723 temperature sensor.  The Processing System (PS) is running a PetaLinux application which then forwards the data to IBM Watson IoT where the data can later be analyzed and correlated with other sensor data.  This is an excellent example of how to use PetaLinux automation and drivers to capture data from low cost SPI sensors for IoT applications.

Vivado 2015.2 Version