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The following reference designs are provided “AS IS”. If you have questions, please utilize the on-line forums in seeking help.


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SDSoC Baremetal Platform - Xilinx Matrix Multiply Example


UltraZed EG DisplayPort Reference Design Tutorial
This reference design adds DisplayPort support to a Petalinux build.

UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit - Display Port Design 2017.2

UltraZed EG SDSoC Platform
The SDSoC platform for the UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit provides a feature rich framework for the development of video applications on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC, using file I/O
Required hardware includes : UltraZed 3EG SOM + UltraZed EG I/O Carrier Card.

UltraZed 3EG Starter Kit - SDSoC platform, SDSoC 2017.2

The UltraZed is not meant for standalone operation. Please see:

UltraZed IO Carrier Card Reference Designs and Tutorials

UltraZed PCIe Carrier Card Reference Designs and Tutorials

Out-of-Box Designs
This is the software and hardware platform, boot files, Linux kernel and RAMdisk that are provided on the pre-installed SD card.

UltraZed-EG Starter Kit Tutorial – Vivado 2016.2
UltraZed-EG Starter Kit Tutorial – Vivado 2016.4

Development Using Ubuntu Desktop Linux

These tutorials provide a means to integrate several different technologies on a single platform.  Using the Avnet target boards, we have the power of ARM processors, combined with the unrivaled flexibility of Xilinx programmable logic to implement custom hardware systems.    We use a Linux kernel as the foundation operating system running on the processor cores which enables a very large ecosystem of software to be run on our development kits. Virtual machines can provide a very convenient Ubuntu development environment for building the hardware platform and cross-compiling software to target the Processing System.

VirtualBox and Linux VM Installation Guide v2018.3