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The following reference designs are provided “AS IS”. If you have questions, please utilize the on-line forums in seeking help.


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Analog Devices Linaro® Linux framework with Field Oriented Controller from MathWorks

This out-of-box reference design demonstrates Field Oriented Control (FOC) of a 3-phase brushless DC motor.  The algorithm was first modelled and simulated in MathWorks Simulink software.  Then code was generated using the MathWorks HDL Coder tool.  Finally, the HDL code was integrated into a larger Vivado project.  This IP core executes in the Programmable Logic (PL) of Zynq, while Linaro Ubuntu Desktop Linux runs user applications on the Zynq ARM processors, and communicates with the Zynq PL via AXI4-Lite and AXI4 DMA channels.

8GB SD Card image
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