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MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit

The Avnet MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit supports designers’ edge-to-cloud development of Internet-connected solutions and includes all the necessary building blocks for developing a production-ready, IoT-enabled, industrial processing system. The platform is based on Avnet’s MicroZed™ system-on-module (SoM) with Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC from Xilinx and pluggable sensor solutions from Maxim Integrated and ST Microelectronics. The kit integrates the IBM Watson IoT agent on top of a Linux operating system. The provided out-of-box example design uses a standard MQTT messaging protocol to communicate with Watson IoT, which enables registered, secure connection to additional cloud services and applications, including the IBM® Watson™ IoT Platform built on IBM Bluemix®. Bluemix provides a rich palette of composable services to rapidly enhance IoT solutions with cognitive capabilities.


ST Microelectronics Sensor Shield


The X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 from ST Microelectronics is a motion MEMS and environmental sensor evaluation board system compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector layout. It is designed around four discrete sensor solutions from STMicroelectronics, which communicate to the MicroZed via an I2C interface. The sensors include:

  • • LSM6DS0: MEMS 3D accelerometer (±2/±4/±8 g) + 3D gyroscope (±245/±500/±2000 dps)
  • • LIS3MDL: MEMS 3D magnetometer (±4/ ±8/ ±12/ 16 gauss)
  • • LPS25HB*: MEMS pressure sensor, 260-1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer
  • • HTS221: capacitive digital relative humidity and temperature
  • • DIL 24-pin socket available for additional MEMS adapters and other sensors (UV index)


Maxim Integrated Thermocouple Sensor


The MAX31855PMB1 peripheral module includes the MAX31855 cold-junction compensated thermocouple-to-digital converter, which performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from a thermocouple. The module is set up to operate with the included K-type thermocouple. The data is output in a signed 14-bit, SPI-compatible, read-only format. This converter resolves temperatures to 0.25°C, allows readings as high as +1800°C and as low as -270°C, and exhibits thermocouple accuracy of ±2°C for temperatures ranging from -200°C to +700°C for K-type thermocouples.

  • • Converts Output of a K-Type Thermocouple Directly to a Signed 14-Bit Digital Word
  • • Cold-Junction Compensation
  • • 14-Bit, 0.25°C Resolution
  • • Detects Thermocouple Shorts to GND or VCC
  • • Detects Open Thermocouple
  • • 6-Pin Pmod-Compatible Connector (SPI)

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MicroZed Industrial IoT Kit

MicroZed Industrial IoT Upgrade Kit


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Block Diagram

What's included

There are two versions of the IIoT kit. The standard –SK kit includes the items listed below. For designers that have a 7010 MicroZed or wish to target the 7020 MicroZed, the Upgrade Kit (AES-Z7MB-IIOT-UP-G) provides everything minus the MicroZed SOM.
MicroZed 7010 SOM
MicroZed Carrier Card for Arduino™
uSD card
ST Microelectronics sensor shield
Maxim Integrated thermocouple sensor peripheral module
Ethernet cable
Micro USB cables (2)
AC Power Adapter
IBM Bluemix Services free trial offer
Quick start card
Note: Although not required for development, a JTAG programming cable is recommended for enhanced debugging and Zynq programming. See related parts below for ordering information.