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TDNext 1.26Mpixel Pmod Camera Kit

The TDNext 1.26Mpixel Pmod Camera Kit allows the low cost, production-ready TDM114 camera module to be populated on Avnet’s Pmod enabled Xilinx development kits.  The camera kit  features ON Semiconductor’s MT9M114, a 1/6-inch 1.26Mpixel CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1296 (H) × 976 (V). It includes sophisticated camera functions such as auto exposure control, auto white balance, black level control, flicker avoidance, and defect correction. Designed for low light performance, the MT9M114 produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures.

Feature List:

  •  TDNext dual 2x6 PMod adapter
  •  TDM114 camera module, including:
      -  ON Semiconductor 1/6’’ MT9M114 color image sensor
      -  720P30 resolution (1296 x 976 @ 30fps)
      -  8/10 bits CMOS parallel Interface
      -  HFOV 90°
      -  IR cut filter for daylight illumination

Target Applications:

  •  Security and Surveillance
  •  Scanning
  •  Drones and Robot Vision
  •  Medical Imaging
  •  Wearables
  •  Automotive

TDNext Pmod adapter - block diagram
TDNext 1.26Mpixel Pmod Camera Kit - angle view
TDM114 camera module - front view
TDM114 camera module - side view
TDNext Pmod adapter - back view
TDNext Pmod adapter - front view
TDNext Pmod adapter - angle view