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MicroZed Single Board Computer (SBC)

MicroZed™ SBC (Single Board Computer) is based on the successful MicroZed SOM (System On Module), with the main difference being the flipped orientation of the I/O expansion connectors. With the I/O connectors on the topside of the board, the MicroZed SBC is designed to accept daughter cards for custom interfaces, making the SBC the main baseboard of a system. This is in contrast to the carrier card approach that is used with MicroZed SOM, where MicroZed plugs into the main baseboard or carrier card. The SBC approach, combined with the lower profile RJ45 Ethernet connector allows MicroZed SBC to serve as a very compact embedded processing system.

MicroZed SBC is offered in either the 7010 or 7020 Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC and targets production designs. The flexibility and customization capabilities offered by the Xilinx SoC make this off-the-shelf SBC ideal for small, performance oriented embedded systems. The ease of designing and adding an application specific daughter card versus an entire system makes the MicroZed SBC the perfect choice forgaining that time-to-market advantage.


Purchase Products:

MicroZed 7010 Single Board Computer - Commercial Grade
MicroZed 7020 Single Board Compute - Commercial Grade
MicroZed 7010 Single Board Compute - Industrial Grade
MicroZed 7020 Single Board Compute - Industrial Grade

SBC with daughter card
SBC Bottom Side
SBC Top Side
SBC Top Side
MicroZed Diagram