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PicoZed SDR Breakout Carrier

EOL NOTICE: This product is no longer available

Please read the End-of-Life notice for this product

The Breakout Carrier Card is a simple prototyping platform for all PicoZed SDR System-on-Modules (SOMs), providing easy access to user I/O, Ethernet, USB, JTAG, and serial connections. Four 100-pin Micro Headers on the carrier card mate with the PicoZed SDR SOM, connecting the user I/O to 6 banks of 0.1” through-hole connector footprints. The Breakout Carrier generates the necessary power rails for PicoZed SDR, providing 5V to the SOM plus user selectable bank voltages for the Zynq PL I/O. In addition, the carrier provides multiple access points to supply external I/O bank voltages and measure power consumption of the SOM.

SDR Breakout Carrier Card - Product Angle
SDR Breakout Carrier Card - Product Top
SDR Breakout Carrier Card - Product Back
SDR Breakout Carrier Card - angle with SDR SOM Attached
SDR Breakout Carrier Card - Rear with SDR SOM Attached
SDR Breakout Carrier Card - Top with SDR SOM Attached
Block Diagram

What's included

PicoZed SDR Breakout Carrier
8GB Micro SD Card (programmed)
5.0V (2A) Power Supply
Micro-USB Type B cable
Ethernet Cable
(1) U.FL-to-U.FL RF loopback cable
(2) U.FL-to-SMA cables
(2) U.FL antennae - cellular 6-band
(2) SMA antennae - cellular 5-band
Quick Start Card
Schematics, BOM, HDL, Linux drivers and application software